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I want to represent health data in a structured way.

You need a schema for each type of data you want to represent, like blood pressure or body weight. We've brought together top clinical experts, data scientists, developers and software architects to come up with simple, extensible, and clinically valid schemas for common types of health data. You can browse these schemas, learn more about our approach to developing them, and use our schema repository to find sample data, validate your own data, or create new schemas.

I want to let my users share their health data with other applications.

You need to offer a simple API that lets your users authorise access to their data and lets other applications retrieve it. Our DSU repository contains an API endpoint that stores health data, implements OAuth 2.0, and is easy to deploy.

I want to pull in and process health data from apps and devices like RunKeeper, Fitbit, and Jawbone.

You need to fetch data from those toolmaker APIs and convert it into a common format. This lets your code work on the data irrespective of where it came from. It also lets you use third-party code that understands the data schemas your data now conforms to. Our shim repository contains API shims that pull data from the leading toolmaker APIs and converts it to match our schemas.

I want a product that pulls in patient data from apps and devices, processes it, and puts it in front of clinicians.

You need to talk to us about Linq.